Against The Grain Almond Cookies: too good to share

Against the Grain Almond Cookies



Several times, I’ve bought some of these ultra-delectable cookies intending to write a post about them, and up until now the temptation to scoff the lot before I’ve had a chance to take pictures has overcome me.

This time, I took the pictures as soon as I opened the pack, Phew.

Gluten-free, dairy-free and obviously wheat-free as well (goes without saying in my opinion, if it’s gluten-free, but people seem to want to have it confirmed), they have the texture of a good quality shortbread, but the taste… aoooh, the taste is like marzipan transformed into a biscuit. So nice, moreish in the extreme.

And that’s really all I’ve got to say about how very delicious these babies are, but I am pleased to let you know that I am able to offer them and the other Against the Grain cookies in my online shop: Against the Grain cookies from FrannsAltHealth.

Mrs Crimbles Dutch Apple Cake is no longer gluten free

Important: It appears that the recipe has changed, and this product is no longer gluten free, which is a real shame.

Logitech keyboard in back shows this is a big cake
A nice slice of cake

I went to Morrisons this afternoon, mainly because I hoped they would have some Real Foods Corn Thins (they didn’t). I was quite disappointed by the size of the Free From section, which was half the size of the one in my local Tesco, which is a smaller store.

One product I found there that I haven’t seen anywhere else was a cake from Mrs Crimbles. As you can see from the pictures, it is a BIG cake, larger than most slab cakes on the market, even the non-gluten free ones, and it was priced at just £1.88! Which, I think you will agree, is a very good price for a gluten free product – prolly less than you would pay for a non-gluten free cake the same size – if you can get one.

So I bought it, along with something else I will review in a couple of days, and here is what I think of it.

I put it in front of my keyboard before photographing it, just so you can see how big it is. That’s a big Logitech keyboard with numeric pad included, so it’s 3 or 4 inches wider than my monitor, which is a 17″ (diagonal measurement) – in fact, I just measured the keyboard and it comes in at just over 18″ (45cm). So that cake’s huge, and if it wasn’t really nice, would be difficult to finish, but as it’s from Mrs Crimbles, I had no worries on that score.

I cut myself a slice and discovered that it had a dense texture very similar to ginger cake, and it has the same slight chewiness. I’m so glad it isn’t ginger cake, though, as I can’t stand the stuff.

The flavor is very nice and moist, with a slight crunchy crust (I guess from sugar or something), and tastes much nicer than you would expect from the “apple” description. In fact, you can’t tell there’s apple in it at all (another good thing in my book), though you can see raisins or something. It just tastes like a nice, fairly spicy cake. Cinnamon is mentioned on the label, but it’s not overpowering. As Goldilocks might say, it’s just right. And – an unusual thing in a gluten free cake – it’s not crumbly. None of that taking a bite and the rest of the cake falling apart in your hand.

If you’ve missed cake since you’ve cut out gluten, or found crumbly, dry and strange-tasting offerings that seem to have much too much bicarb in, then this cake is one to look out for. Highly recommended.